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Natural Earth-Friendly Products for Natural Earth-Friendly People      All Good Things, LLC
Men's Products for Shaving and Such

Shipping is  maximum $8.95 Priority Mail per basket or bucket unless otherwise noted. Prices are  for U.S. addresses, please email for shipping outside U.S.

Gift Instructions:

If your gift is going to another address, don't forget to state full name and address in the "Send To"  Box before clicking the paypal button.  If you are sending yourself a gift, type in "Self"  and in both instances fill out the special instructions box as you checkout of paypal, what you would like your mini gift card to read.  example:  Pat, have a great day!!  Love, Chuck.  If ordering more than one gift bucket at a time, we will know which cards to put where from instruction box and we will email or call you with questions if needed.

Gifts will be wrapped in cello bag as seen below, too shiny for pictures!!


Let us build your Gift Buckets/Baskets with the options shown OR coming soon...Build Your Own Custom filled.
Natural Gift Sets
Soaking Salts
Bath Bombs
Bath Muffins

Shea Butters
Massage &
Body Oils

Natural Soap Gift Basket
9 varieties of bars. Each bar is individually wrapped to prolong life, Basket comes with fill, bag, Jute tie, and mini card.  Comes with wooden natural soap dish.  $40.00 value with basket fee and soap dish.

Body Spray

Baby Items
Facial Care
Lip Balms

More gift options and handmade cards coming soon.  Happy gift giving.  Look for Garden Bucket's in April!
Mens Items
*shipping $5.95
Comes with our Lovely Lavender, Earthy Patchouli, Orange Twist, Oats and Honey, Lemongrass Sage, Cooling Peppermint, Forever Floral, Gentle Chamomile, and Little White Lye.  And soap dish!  (very seldom soaps may change)
Brushes &

All Good Things Shaving SETS
Handmade shave cup, sturdy, with a dip to position your shave brush.  Our shave soaps fit nicely
Sandalwood or Caribbean Lime
Shaving Sets Include:  Brush, Cup, Shaving Soap in a gift box.  Special $54.95
Save $2.25 as a set.
Send To:
USA Badger Hair Shave Brush
Finally we found a USA made brush!  Every bit as quality as those very expensive shave brushes.  Of course the badger hair does come from China, but the brush is made and assembled in USA.  Use with or without cup. 

All Good Things Shaving Cups 
Sturdy, handmade clay shave cup, with a dip to hold your shave brush.  Our shave soaps fit nicely, most have an accent color, but as you see the "greens" are a bit blue green. Earthy colors.
Price:  $34.75.
Natural Baby Gift Basket

Essential Oils
Soy Candles
Gift Boxes
& Such

Be Sure to pick the cup color and shave soap of your choice:
Numi Tea &

Shave Cup only
Choose Colors:
Badger Hair Brush

Soap Type
All Natural products, Baby Wash, Salve, Powder, Oil,  Baby's Room Spray, and White Scruffy Bear (bear is not a toy).  Great for baby shower gift or new baby gift, add a shea butter to the box for mom.  Basket comes with fill, wrapped, and tied with white touille ribbon, mini card.  WARNING: Keep all packaging and products out of reach of children.

Send To:
Outdoor &
Dog Products

Natural Kitchen Gift Bucket
Includes a Lemongrass Sage Soap, Kitchen Spray, U.S. hand knitted cotton dish cloth (thanks mom!), wooden soap dish in a cute reuseable bucket.  Everyone loves a kitchen gift!

value $40.50
Send To:
Value at $21.00
shipping $5.95

Teas by Numi
Gift Boxes
& Such

All Good Things Shaving Soaps

Lovely Lavender Bridal Bucket
Caribbean Shave
The classic pirate scent from the islands!  Bay Rum with Lime and cassia to spice it up.  The green clay in the soap gives your razor a better "slip" across the face (or legs for that matter).  A very popular soap in our store.  Create a lather with your hands or our shave brushes on the mens items page.  LONG LASTING.
  Shaving, may be used as a body bar as well.

Bay Rum-
Skin infections, calming, antiscptic, anti infectous.
-acne, skin care, antibiotic

Ingredients:  Organic Palm Oil, Olive, Coconut, Castor Oils, Sweet Almond, Jojoba Oils, Essential Oils of Bay rum, Lime, Bergamot, Cinnamon.  Kaolin Clay, Rosemary Oleoresin.
Chivalry Days Gift Bucket
Earthy Patchouli Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Body Spray, Agave Cloth, Oats and Honey Soap,
nail brush comes free.
value $51.50
Price $46.75
Natural products with Lavender Essential Oil, a perfect gift for a bride to be.  Lavender to balance and calm for that special day ahead.  Comes with Lovely Lavender Soap, Agave Cloth, Lavender- Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Spray, Bath Salt, Lotion and our Orange Shea butter and Orange LipBalm with home spa instructions for softer feet, hair, skin. Comes with free natural wooden nail brush and free bucket fee.
Value $72.00
price $65.75
Caribbean Shaving
Soap   $7.75

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Sandalwood Shaving Soap
The much sought after Sandalwood is captured in this shave soap.  the Moroccan Red Clay gives the soap that special "slip" that makes it a shave soap.  LONG LASTING.
  Shaving, may be used as a body bar as well.

Acne, Skin care, Antiseptic, astringent.
Ingredients:  Organic Palm Oil, Olive, Coconut, Castor Oils, Sweet Almond, Jojoba Oils, Essential Oil of Sandalwood, from various regions, Moroccan Clay, Rosemary Oleoresin.
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Sandalwood Shaving Soap   $7.75
Sunny Days Gift Bucket
Lemongrass Sage Soap, Citrus Sunshine Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Body Spray, Agave Cloth, Orange Twist soap, nail brush comes free.
value $51.50
Price $46.75
Lavender Fields Gift Bucket
Lovely Lavender Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Body Spray, Agave Cloth, Forever Floral Soap,
nail brush comes free.
value $51.50
Price $46.75
Send To:
Send To:
All Good Things, LLC
Madison, IN
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All Good Things Soaps and Such
All Good Things, LLC
Madison, Indiana
contact us:
email us
Telephone 812-801-4700
Gift Bucket or Basket fee is included in all prepriced above sets at a discount.  You may order a custom filled one by emailing me at   Bucket and Basket fee, comes with Bucket or Basket, fill, bag, mini card, tie, $3.50.  I will email you back with the proper questions.  If you'd like me to call, please include phone number and time zone.    Thank you.
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Natural Care Mini Bucket (4" bucket)
Includes soap, lip balm, nail brush, bucket, fill, bag and tie.  $11.75 value, lip balm varies, either peppermint or orange, ask in instructions box if preference.  

Send To:
Soap Choice:
Empty bucket and basket with fill,  cello bag, tie and mini card.  We don't show the products in them, as the shine from the bag causes indistinguishable products.  Basket will vary with order.  Current bucket has wooden handles.  We've been told their beautiful when bagged and tied.  We send your gift by priority usps mail. 
price $10.75
$4.60 shipping
All Good Things, LLC
Madison, IN
contact us:
click here to email All Good Things info
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