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Natural Earth-Friendly Products for Natural Earth-Friendly People      All Good Things, LLC
All Good Things Moisturizers
Aromatherapy in Perfume, Powders & Sprays

Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang-
Sandalwood-Centering grounding, sensual, innder strengh confidence, Ylang Ylang-exotic, sweet, sensual creativity, euphoric, soothes negative emotions.

Soaking Salts
Bath Bombs
Bath Muffins

Venus-Sensous, floral, woody and sweet, feeds the body and nutures the mind euphoric and freeing.

We don't consider the products on this page to be "ALL" Natural as they do contain preservatives.  We feel our lotions will last long enough that they need a preservative, so our base lotion, though mostly natural, contains microbe inhibitor and preservative.  We don't make our shampoo, we just scent it with Essential Oils to complement our other products.  It does have food grade preservatives also, but is mostly natural, with many botanical extracts and oils.  These products could easily be considered "natural" by the standards we see elsewhere, but we use "ALL natural" when it's just that,  ALL Natural. 
All Good Things Solid Perfumes are made of simply Beeswax and Jojoba Oil with Essential Oils, Balsams and/or Resins.  All Natural, its all good.
Shea Butters
Massage &
Body Oils

The Sun-Sweet with orange bergamot ylang ylang, neroli and others, floral, unifying, healing blend, encourages growth.

All Good Things Shea Body Butter is a rich  moisturizer with 25% Shea Butter.  Also are oils of Wheat Germ, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Glycerin, Rosehip, Vitamins A, D, E.  Wonderful for the feet, elbows, even dry facial skin, anywhere!  Very emoillent.
With uplifting Orange Essential Oil, see essential oil aromatherapy benefits on Soaps page. 8 oz. jar goes a long way.
  Contains preservative*.
Lavender Patchouli-
Woodsy, warm, and sweet at the edge of two worlds, at the edge of the lavender field, entering the wooded realm. 

Solid Perfume
5 ml.
Body Spray

DID YOU KNOW?   Many Shea Butter Products only contain a small percentage of Shea butter?  Ours is different!  Ous has 25% Shea! and No Propoleyne Glycol, dioxanes, and phthalates!
Shea Body Butter  $11.75
Baby Items
Facial Care
Lip Balms

DID YOU KNOW?   Studies have shown that many ingredients in lotions are actually drying and some are even carcinagenic. Ours is different!  We have carefully chosen this lotion as it contains no Propylene glycol, dioxanes, phthalates-a harmful chemical recently found to pass to babies via mothers milk.  
All Good Things Lotion starts with a naturally based lotion and adds beneficial essential oils to compliment our other body care products.  Choose one to match your soap!  Available in three scents.  This lotion is saturated with ingredients such as Glycerin, Oils of Wheat Germ, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Vitamins A,D,E and the essential oil blend of your choice.  NO synthetic  fragrances, colors, or animal testing.  8 oz.  Contains preservative*. 
All Good Things Lavender and Ylang Ylang Soothing Body Powder
Great to keep dry, made of Tapioca Starch, Arrowroot, Cornstarch, and Pink Kaolin Clay with Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils.  3 oz container. 

its all good. 
Mens Items
Brushes &

Choose Scent
Essential Oils
Soy Candles
Body Powder
3 oz.
Gift Boxes
& Such

Numi Tea &

Outdoor &
Dog Products

Price $6.94
All Good Things All Natural Body, Hair, & Linen Spray

NO synthetic Preservatives, Fragrances, Colors, Animal Testing, or Animal Derived ingredients. 
4 oz.  in
Lavender, Patchouli, or Citrus Sunshine, Sandalwoods, or Forever RosesContains Essential Oils, always check inconspicuous area on linens, always shake well).  4 oz.
Teas by Numi
Gift Boxes
& Such

All Good Things Hair Care
All Good Things Shampoos and Conditioners are not made here, but are reformulated with added beneficial Essential Oils to compliment our other body care products.  Pick one to match your soap!  All Good Things never adds fragrance to our body care products, but our shampoo and conditioner do have some fragrance already in them.  Our added Essential Oils overpower them in scent, and we've searched for the  affordable best we could find in formulations.  These Naturally based hair products are full of herbal extracts.  They leave hair clean and shiny.
Contains preservative*.
Wonderful Soap-Shampoo/Conditioner matches:
Soap Scent     -    Hair Care  Scent
Lemongrass/Sage- Citrus Sunshine
Orange Twist-Citrus Sunshine
Lovely Lavender-Lovely Lavender
Forever Floral-Lovely Lavender
Gentle Chamomile-Lovely Lavender
Earthy Patchouli-Earthy Patchouli
Oats and Honey-Earthy Patchouli
Cooling Peppermint-Cooling Peppermint

Choose Scent
Body Spray 4 oz
Shampoo  $7.75

Conditioner $7.75
Choose Scent
Lotion  $7.75
Natural Wooden Soap Dish- keeps soap dryer, to last longer.  U.S. Made.  Ridges drain water away from soap. Styles vary at times. 

All Good Things
 Bug Go Away
All Natural Insect Repelling Essential Oils Spritzer
Essential Oils known to repel insects.
Our customers love this product.  We tested it at the Ohio River Valley Folk Festival in the evening, right beside the Ohio River.  We offered folks to spray it on and try it out.  IF it works come back and buy some.  We sold out and have been selling it since!
NO synthetic Preservatives, Insecticides, Fragrances, Colors, Animal Testing, or Animal Derived ingredients. 
2.5 oz.
Ingredients:  Water, Witch hazel, Grapeseed Oil, Essential oils of Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Pappermint, Citronella, Clove, Geranium.  ALWAYS SHAKE WELL. 

(Contains Essential Oils, always check inconspicuous area on clothing). WARNING:  Contains Rosemary Essential Oil and is not suitable for some individuals with medical issues.  Please check with your doctor if unsure if it is safe  for you or your child.
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All Natural Ayate Cloth - Gentle Skin Exfoliator.  Mildew Resistant, Non-Soiling, Lasts up to a year.  Spa Therapy, Leaves skin smoooooth.  100%Fair-Trade Agave fiber cloth. Genuine Body Crystal brand. 

Natural Nail Brush- Cleans nails, garden hands, etc...  wooden with natural bristles. 

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